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Starlink Awaits Indian Approval for Satellite Broadband Services: Competition Heats Up

Elon Musk's Starlink, a satellite internet company, seeks approval for its India operations. Competition heats up in the GMPCS services sector.

Nifty Bank Analysis for Tuesday Intraday Trade Setup – 12/09/2023

Read our comprehensive analysis of Bank Nifty for Tuesday's intraday trade setup on 12/09/2023. Learn about the technical factors, support and resistance levels, and trading strategies to make informed decisions.

Nifty Reaches 20,000 Mark Amidst G20 Optimism and Strong Fundamentals

Nifty 50 has finally breached the 20,000 milestone, driven by optimism stemming from India's role at the G20 summit.

Railway Stocks Rally Up to 15% After G20 Summit Announcement

Railway stocks rally up to 15% after G20 summit announcement. Government order book and modernization programs boost rail stocks.

Indian Rupee Strengthens Against US Dollar: Gains Amid Global Dynamics

The Indian rupee's upward trajectory continues as it opens higher against the US dollar. Explore the factors behind its strength, from weakening dollar index to equities and oil prices

Indian Equity Indices Close Marginally Higher Amid US Macro Data Anticipation

Indian equity indices close with slight gains as investors await US macro data outcome. Sensex and Nifty show modest upsurge. Market trends, sectoral movements, and global market performances examined.

Indian Rupee Opens Higher as Dollar Retreats Ahead of Key Economic Data

Dive into the dynamics influencing the Indian rupee's ascent against the dollar, including the dollar index, US Treasury yields, and market expectations. Explore the currency's trajectory and economic projections.

India’s Central Bank Urges Local Banks to Promote Non-Dollar Trade Settlements with UAE

Discover how India's central bank is encouraging local banks to facilitate trade settlements in local currencies with the UAE, aiming to enhance the global role of the Indian rupee and address trade imbalances.

China Evergrande Group Seeks Bankruptcy Protection in the US

China Evergrande Group's decision to seek Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection and its potential impact on the property debt crisis and the company's restructuring efforts. Understand the broader financial implications and the significance of its electric-vehicle unit's strategic move.

India in Talks with Russia to Import Wheat at Discount Amid Inflation Concerns

India's discussions with Russia to import wheat at discounted rates, a strategic move to stabilize supplies and curb food inflation. Discover insights into the government's efforts to counter rising prices and their potential impact on upcoming elections.

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