India Rejects China’s Claims in Latest Territorial Map Dispute

India Rejects China's "Standard Map" Claims: S Jaishankar

India Rejects China's "Standard Map" Claims: S Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, strongly rejected China‘s recent release of its “standard map,” which lays claim to territories that belong to other countries. Jaishankar highlighted that China has a history of making such “absurd claims” and putting out maps that assert false territorial ownership. He emphasized that just making such claims doesn’t change the reality of territorial boundaries.

China’s Ongoing Habits

During an event hosted by NDTV, Jaishankar noted that China has been following this practice of claiming territories not rightfully its own since the 1950s. He expressed that the Indian government is resolute in defending its territory and that its borders clearly reflect this stance. He reiterated that India’s territories, including Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin, are well-defined and non-negotiable.

India’s Strong Protest

In response to China‘s latest map issue, India lodged a formal protest through diplomatic channels. The map, which claims India‘s territories as part of China, was met with strong disapproval. The External Affairs Ministry spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi, stated that India rejects these claims as they lack any valid basis. He emphasized that China’s actions only serve to complicate the resolution of the boundary dispute.

History of Disputes

This is not the first time that China has attempted to assert control over territories that do not belong to it. In April, China‘s move to rename places in Arunachal Pradesh was met with swift rejection from India. The Indian government reiterated that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of the country and that renaming places does not change this fact.

Clear Message from India

India’s response to China’s claims remains consistent and unequivocal. The government is determined to protect its territorial integrity and has made it clear that such attempts by China to assert false ownership will not be accepted. The ongoing disputes underscore the complex nature of the India-China relationship and the need for diplomatic resolution.